No More Pen & Paper: Discover the Easiest Way to Schedule Your Employees

December 1, 2016 Jeff Baker

Picture this: your schedule for your mobile service team is booked down to the minute, and your team is en route to their next location. Suddenly, a last-minute schedule cancellation calls in, and you have to scramble to contact your employees and reroute them. If you remotely manage teams out in the field in real time, the above scenario is probably all too familiar.

In the recent past, office managers or owners in charge of service businesses have relied on manual methods like pen and paper or clunky digital ones like Google Calendar to keep track of their complex daily scheduling. No matter how organized the manager, the task of scheduling in this way still requires hundreds of phone calls a day to ensure that clients and employees are coordinated - and that the scenario above is minimized.

If you've ever felt under water from the disorganization and inconvenience of traditional methods of team management, you are far from alone. So how has it become possible to stay organized and easily resolve last-minute problems throughout the day?

The answer lies in digitizing your schedule and communications. With a powerful software platform, you'll be able to reduce untimeliness, better your customer experience, and make your day as owner or office manager a breeze.

When looking at software features for service businesses, consider a few key functions:

  • View all of your team schedules on one screen – Centralizing all team schedules allows you to quickly determine the best team to address a reschedule or cancellation.
  • View job details from your calendar (appointment, location) –  Instead of shoehorning job details into a small cell on Google Calendar or cross-referencing a pen and paper notepad, consolidating job details on your calendar simplifies your workday by keeping everything in one place.
  • Communicate with your team from your desktop computer to their mobile app – Integrating your command center to your team's mobile phones circumvents the need to fire off hundreds of time-consuming phone calls a day, making response time quicker and your job easier.

If you're looking for the perfect solution for your issues of disorganization and overwhelming workday tasks, consider taking a free tour of Lighthouse Field Service today.

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