Reschedule an Appointment in Just One Click

December 1, 2016 Jeff Baker

Every office manager knows that the process of a reschedule is a real doozy: you have to take the call, coordinate with your client, figure out a new time slot that works for everyone, confirm the job details, and communicate those changes to your team… all within a matter of minutes!

The most important factor to a quick and easy reschedule is having all of that information at your fingertips in one centralized location. If this is your reality, than by all means stop reading. But, if you find yourself scrambling across multiple windows and tabs (or worse: paper calendars and notebooks) to coordinate a reschedule, then read on. 

The biggest rescheduling problem facing service businesses today is “decentralization" of information, meaning your most pertinent info is scattered across multiple sources and not easily accessible. This not only makes for a stressful reschedule with an impatient client on the phone, but it also lowers your rate of customer satisfaction and employee happiness as you scramble to coordinate multiple people's time and commitments.  

Minimize the drama that decentralization can create with easy-to-use scheduling software that keeps all of your most important info directly at your fingertips. Here are the top reasons why: 

Access ALL Information in Seconds: This could be anything from notes on a previous job done to an updated client's address. Keeping all this information tracked across Google spreadsheets or pen and paper calendars is time consuming and clunky when you need it in a pinch. Easy-to-use scheduling software, like Lighthouse Field Service, stores all of your information in one organized location. In just a few clicks, you can quickly adjust schedules, track your team, create estimates, update notes, manage jobs, and even collect payments - without ever having to open another tab or page through ledger books.

No More Paperwork! Office On-The-Go: What if you could control your business no matter where you were - without the paperwork? Lighthouse Field Service centralizes all of your information into one easy-to-use interface that works on both your desktop and your mobile phone. Whether you're in the office or on-the-go, you can view, update, and manage all of your schedules in real-time. And no need to worry about your teams - they'll get the real-time updates directly to their phones!

Get a Real-Time Snapshot: Without a magical crystal ball, it's impossible to get real-time updates of your teams in the field....or is it? Lighthouse Field Service lets you easily view a snapshot of your team's schedule with real-time updates on their progress throughout the day! You'll never have to wonder where your teams are or what their current status is with this easy-to-use feature. Bonus points: You can easily text info and updates to your teams right from your desktop or mobile phone!

If you're tired of scrambling across multiple tabs on your desktop computer (or pages in your paper planner) just to coordinate a reschedule, consider checking out a software that will centralize all this information for you.

Want to see how it works? Schedule a free, no-commitment tour of Lighthouse Field Service here

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