Is Your QuickBooks Setup Costing Your Business?

December 1, 2016 Jeff Baker

QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting software for good reason: It offers a powerful invoicing solution that is easy-to-use. But if your QuickBooks' account isn't integrated with your scheduling or team management systems, it might be causing more headaches than it's worth!

What seems like a small inconvenience at first can gradually become hours of wasted time and effort as you switch between windows, tabs, and applications (or even worse: pen and paper notebooks) to manually cross-reference invoices with a client's history.

Create the best system for both your scheduling and accounting needs with these 3 tips

1. Sync your contacts with your QuickBooks account: 
Entering a new client into your scheduling system always takes time - but having to add this client again to your QuickBooks account seems rather redundant...and a waste of your precious time. With the right scheduling software, you can easily set up a two-way sync of your client records so that you'll never have to manually add a new client twice again. Lighthouse Field Service syncs all of your customer data directly to your QuickBooks account so that your records stay consistently up-to-date. Even better? Our software has the fastest sync time on the market, meaning a seamless execution of all bookkeeping. 

2. Sync mobile invoices to your QuickBooks account: 
No more lost papers. No more manual cross referencing. With the right software in place, you can offer your customers convenient online (and mobile) payments that seamlessly sync directly to your QuickBooks account. After a job is completed, simply create the invoice and mark it as paid. The information is automatically sent to QuickBooks to create a record so it will be there for you at tax time. This is important for many reasons, but specifically because QuickBooks can sync estimates and invoice templates directly to your scheduling platform - saving time and reducing human error.

3. Aggregate invoice history all in one place:
A progressive scheduling platform that integrates with QuickBooks will be able to list all historical invoices under the client information – right in your scheduler. This integration can save tons of time and empower you to see job history, discounts, or any other relevant notes that can help your team do a better job.  

Discover an easy solution to your QuickBooks integration needs or  take a free tour of Lighthouse Field Service here

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