Is Your Landscaping Business Ready For Summer?

June 1, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Your landscaping business has just come off the whirlwind of the spring busy season, but for many landscapers, summer is just as hectic. Prospective customers see your existing customers' landscaping and want the same thing for themselves, or they look at their scraggly lawns and want an upgrade for their outdoor spaces. How can you keep the momentum of spring going through the summer without going crazy? Try these tips to get your landscaping business ready for summer.

Keep your equipment running smoothly. You don't want to waste time during the day on mechanical tasks when you could be servicing customers. Conduct regular maintenance and servicing on your equipment and tools, and order inventory well in advance. Gas up mowers and service vehicles at the end of the day so your team is ready to go in the morning without delay.

Keep staffing levels high. Wondering how many workers to retain from the extra employees you hired for spring? It's better to have too many workers during busy times than not enough. Plus, having a surplus of workers helps you cover the inevitable sick days and maybe even give your employees some time off.

Keep regular customers happy. You may have seasonal workers on board this time of year, but when you use Lighthouse 360, even “newbies” will always know exactly what your regular customers want. With Lighthouse 360, you can easily record notes, photos, service history, special requests and any other information that your employees need to know about a customer's jobs.

Keep in touch. You undoubtedly garnered some new clients this spring; now keep them by sending them special offers, email newsletters and more. No matter how busy you are, it's easy with Lighthouse 360. Lighthouse 360 suggests relevant offers tailored to your business that you can customize; then it automatically posts the offers to your website and social media accounts. You can also use Lighthouse 360 to choose from a library of professionally written emails—all you have to do is customize, review and hit “send.”

Keep up on your invoicing. When you're busy dealing with customer demand, it's easy for invoices to fall through the cracks — leading to a cash crunch. With Lighthouse 360, you can quickly create branded web invoices and send them to your customers from anywhere. Plus, customers can pay online with their credit card, so you get the money in your bank account faster.

Keep the online reviews coming. Focus on serving customers and let Lighthouse 360 getting customer reviews. After a job is complete, Lighthouse 360 can automatically send a thank-you note to the customer, including a request for them to review your business. Any positive reviews are automatically displayed on your website, your social media accounts and the review site RateABiz.

Keep it simple. Creating estimates for prospects is essential to landing new jobs, but can eat up valuable time you could be spending with customers. Save time by simplifying the process. A tool like Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to create estimates and share them with prospects. As soon a prospect approves your estimate, all it takes is a few clicks to convert it into a job.

Keep a record of your great work. You know how important photos are to selling your landscaping services, so don't let those gorgeous summer gardens, lawns and patios pass you by without taking pictures. Have employees ask customers if they can photograph the work when the job is done. Then use Lighthouse 360 to automate sharing; it automatically posts the photos on your website and social media accounts so prospective customers can see your work.

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