Is Your Current Management System Working Hard Enough For You? 3 Ways to Find Out.

December 1, 2016 Jeff Baker

As the owner or office manager of a mobile service business, you're the central nervous system of multiple employees – in multiple teams – responding to appointments that can change in location and timing in the blink of an eye. It's no wonder that you utilize some sort of management and communication tools to keep all tasks running smoothly.

But even with the help of management tools and organization software, chances are your day-to-day tasks still have you feeling stressed. If that's the case, it's time to audit your current management system (whether that's digital or manual) and understand where there's room to simplify and streamline your workflow effectively. Read below to discover if your daily tools and processes are working hard enough for you! 

–How often do you have to leave your schedule to complete a task?

Most owners or office managers live in their schedule, and it's no wonder why. Having your eye on all of your booked appointments empowers you to handle any last minute schedule changes and confirms your teams are on track for the day. If you find yourself leaving your schedule to grab things like contact information, job history, or notes on the client, your software may not be up to snuff.

–When you communicate with your team, do you have to pick up the phone?

Picking up your phone, dialing the number, waiting for your team to pick up, and explaining the latest updates to their schedule is a time-consuming, manual process – and time is money, after all! Consider a crew management software with a desktop–to–mobile functionality. 

Lighthouse Field Service has a desktop application and mobile app that sync instantly for constant, instant communication with your crew

–How easy is it to reschedule an appointment in your calendar?

Over time, this familiar process can eat hours away from your productivity. If your rescheduling process isn't as simple as a "drag and drop," you may look into a more efficient software. As a bonus, look for a software solution that automatically alerts your team to schedule changes – without you having to make a single call.

Are you ready for an easy tool that will simplify schedule management, better team communication, and convert repeat customers? Check out our free trial and discover why office managers save 7 hours per week on scheduling alone!
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