How to Market Your Field Services Business After a Disaster

September 28, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have passed, but left in their wake damage expected to exceed $150 billion. As residents affected by the storms try to pick up the pieces, field service businesses can come to the rescue.

Whether your company provides mold remediation, tree removal or home repair, you're uniquely suited to help homeowners clean up the debris. But how can you market your services to homeowners and others without seeming like a disaster profiteer? These tips will help.

  1. Focus on others, not yourself. Think first of how you can help affected areas bounce back. Can your business collect funds, food or clothing to donate to disaster victims? Can you and your employees volunteer to clear debris? Get your customers involved — it not only means more help for victims, but also raises your profile in the community.
  2. Be sensitive to the local mood. Marketing your services too soon after disaster hits can backfire. Gauge the attitude of residents and their readiness to focus on cleanup before you reach out. People need time to grieve their losses before they are ready to rebuild.
  3. Be a resource. Share useful information for disaster victims on your business website and your social media accounts. For example, a plumbing business could share tips for checking a home’s pipes for damage after a disaster. In addition to sharing your own content, also link to information and resources from local governments and emergency services. With Lighthouse Field Service, you can update your social media accounts and your website quickly. That’s good news when you’re busy helping customers.
  4. Promote your reputation. Sadly, scammers often come out of the woodwork after natural disasters, trying to take advantage of desperate homeowners. Unlicensed operators may knock on doors offering services, take a down payment and never return. You can help customers by alerting them to this risk, while emphasizing that your business is licensed and bonded, your years of experience, and your positive online reviews from other customers. Lighthouse Field Service makes it easy to manage your online reviews, automatically displaying them on your website and social media accounts so prospects can check out your legitimacy.
  5. Reach out to existing customers. Loyal customers who have used your services repeatedly will want to feel that they have priority in getting help from your business. Customize Lighthouse Field Service’s professional email templates for your situation and use them to contact customers on your email marketing list. Let them know your thoughts are with them and your business is available to help with their recovery needs when they are ready.
  6. Help customers prepare for the next disaster. Before the hurricanes struck, local tree removal companies were swamped with business from people wanting to remove dead trees before the storm. After the disaster cleanup in your community is finished, market to customers who weren’t affected by offering services to help them prepare for the next disaster. For instance, if your community is prone to wildfires, your landscaping business could offer a “fire safety checkup” to identify and remove hazardous brush or trees too close to the property.


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