How to Get Landscape Referrals from Realtors (the Easy Way)

January 12, 2017 Paul Mauer

As a local landscaper, finding leads and new clients is often the hardest part of managing your business. Networking with other businesses in your county (like a hardware supply store, garden center, or even a sporting good store) is a great way to position your business in front of folks who might need landscaping services. However, one of your strongest opportunities is easy to overlook: realtors.

Because of their close relationships with new home owners, realtors are in a unique position to consistently toss high-value jobs your way – but unfortunately for landscaping businesses, it's not quite so simple.

There are a bunch of landscaping businesses vying for the attention of successful realtors in your area, and it's your job to stand out from the rest. 

Put yourself in front of the realtors

It al starts with first contact. Consider reaching out with a kind gesture – like a gift basket or a hand-written post card – sent to your local realtors. Ask them if they have any clients with landscaping needs, and if so, if they'd like to chat with you about possible opportunities. Approaching these realtors in a tactful way is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Groom your relationship

Once you've made first contact and decided whether or not the relationship is mutually beneficial, it's important to keep your relationship with the realtor as healthy as possible. Send check-in notes, thank-you notes, or even refer your own friends and family to the realtor. They'll be sure to appreciate the mutual effort and forward clients your way.

Give yourself an edge with your services

Staying in a realtor's good graces is invaluable, but you have to offer a competitive edge against other landscaping businesses in your area if you want your realtor to confidently refer to you. This can mean anything from a special discount for the referral, a fast-booking policy for the realtor's clients, or working on a Saturday once a month.

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