Turn Your Clients into Loyal Repeat Customers with these Tips

December 1, 2016 Jeff Baker

If you had to guess, what would you consider to be the most important aspect of winning repeat clients for your business: pricing of services or timeliness of service?

Surprisingly, timeliness far outweighs pricing in terms of importance to mobile service customers (You can read our full study on mobile service customer satisfaction and social media here).

Many service business owners make the mistake of thinking that lower prices are the holy grail of growing their business and client base – but what they don't know is that competitive pricing is only one piece of the 'customer experience' pie. The more satisfactory your service is to use, the more likely your business will grow.

So what are the keys to a positive customer experience – and making the most out of your repeat customers? 

It all comes down to centralized client history. Core tenets of customer satisfaction like convenience, timeliness, or even attention to detail rely on having an established relationship with your client that allows you to navigate around possible issues that could arise.

For new clients, centralized job notes can make or break a job. Here's an example:

Clifford's Contracting has a new client with an angry bulldog by the gate. He barks loudly and can only be pacified by a certain type of doggy treat. Clifford's busy office manager forgets to check the job notes before dispatching the team. The team arrives on-site but is prevented from entering the property because they don't have the particular brand of doggy treats that the client specified. 

While it's more likely your team will need to know about a gate code or key under the mat than a big angry dog, it's easy to see why these sorts of job notes can be the difference between a job well done or a serious delay.

When dealing with repeat customers with unique requests, having your job and invoice history in one place can seriously quicken your work day. Consider the following example:

Lenny's Landscaping has a repeat client with a very specific request: mow all the grass – except for one area in the back yard. One day, the office manager forgets to check the client history and assigns the job to a team without the specific instructions. The clients prized garden of expensive miscanthus grass gets mowed, and Lenny's Landscaping gets slammed on Yelp for their carelessness.

For some businesses, the consequences can be even worse. 

Hannah's House Cleaning's favorite client recently developed an allergy, and can no longer have her house cleaned with industrial chemicals. Unfortunately, the office manger didn't think to check the job notes and dispatched the team with industrial-grade bleach, who then cleaned her house as usual. The client then had an allergic reaction and took to Facebook to ruin Hannah's reputation.

These disastrous scenarios occurred because the job notes and client history weren't integrated in the scheduling platform. An office manager or owner who manages teams has enough software applications to juggle – it's no wonder that mistakes like these sometimes happen. However, the client is often less forgiving.

To deliver an unmatched customer experience – and to have flexibility in increasing your prices – you'll need a field service management software that gives you client history, invoice history, and job notes at a glance. 

If your method of scheduling is holding you back, consider a no-commitment tour of Lighthouse Field Service – completely free.

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