Here's How Your Cleaning Service Can Stand Out In Your City

January 24, 2017 Paul Mauer

As a business owner, nobody knows the ins and outs of your cleaning service better than you. Unfortunately, your prospective clients aren't as familiar with your competitive edge as you are. Marketing your business is important, but the Internet is saturated with competitors, and signs and posters don't seem to make an impact. So what can a local cleaning service do stand out in their area?

The answer might surprise you.

Local businesses thrive on being community fixtures. When you consider how tightly knit most communities are, it seems like a no-brainer to start networking with strategic industries outside of your own. Your local realtor can refer clients on a consistent basis. Your local hardware supply store might be willing to put up signage and flyers if you've been giving them consistent business. Does your town have a chamber of commerce? Try offering a deal to any registered businesses that can send leads your way.

You can take these strategic partnerships even further. Becoming a "community hero" is about visibility: considering sponsoring local sport games and school events. These sorts of cobranding initiatives can be much cheaper than you'd think, and can get your business in front of thousands of leads in a favorable light.

While all of these marketing ideas can go a long way to help your business grow, the best way to stand out is to provide consistently impressive service: professionalism, thoroughness, and most of all, being on time.

In fact, in our recent analysis of cleaning service customers, timeliness was rated the #1 most important factor contributing to customer satisfaction. You can read the rest of the cleaning service customer satisfaction analysis here.

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