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December 1, 2016 Jeff Baker

Office managers and owners, do you know what people are saying about your mobile service business on Facebook? Like it or not, social media is the place where customers go to rant (or rave) about their experiences with local businesses. And in the service industry, digital recommendations are among the top motivators as to why consumers choose a business in the first place.

So, imagine if you could hear what your current and future customers were saying about you on social media?  Good news - now you can! 

We recently commissioned a study that aggregated over 660,000 interactions on social media channels that pertained to negative consumer opinions about the top industries in the mobile service business, including plumbing, electrical contractor, pest control, landscaping, cleaning services, appliance repair, general contracting, carpet cleaning, and DIY services. What we found shouldn't shock you, although it may sting.

Across all industries surveyed, the issue of "time and scheduling"  was the number one complaint heard from customers across social media, manifesting in grievances around the "untimeliness" of services. This means that, above all else, customers really hate when their scheduled services arrive late. Not too surprising, right? But, consider that the majority of these customers are flocking to social media to voice their grievances of your "untimeliness." One shared conversation on social media is all it takes to create a domino effect of negative sentiment for your entire business! 

What You Can Do

Estimating how long a project will take – or how long the trip from one location to the next will be - is often very difficult for mobile service businesses who still rely on "pen and paper" methods of scheduling projects. However, investing in a digital system that streamlines communication and coordination between office and team will drastically increase timeliness – and reduce the amount of bad press your business gets across social media!

With Lighthouse Field Service, you can control your business no matter where you are – and without the paperwork. With a quick push of a button, you can stay ahead of timing and scheduling issues by communicating with your crews in the field directly from your desktop. Easily text your team information and updates (like driving directions or new customer information) and minimize the chances for any delay in services.

Additional Findings

Additional findings of the study revealed some interesting contrasts to note.  

Gender: Females were 7% more likely to complain about "untimeliness," while men had slightly more complaints about "high prices." Notably, females across all age brackets registered "timeliness" as their major complaint. 

Age: Breaking the data down further, the study revealed that as a customer’s age increases, the apparent value of "timeliness" increases across both male and female genders. From ages 35-44, "untimeliness" over-indexes by 2%. By ages 55-64, it becomes over-indexed by 16%. This trend indicates that higher-value customers, i.e. "baby boomers," place more importance on timeliness.

The Takeaway

Service businesses who continuously run into scheduling and timing problems will experience poor word-of-mouth marketing on social media. This means less chances of recommendations, which is among the top motivators for customers to choose your business in the first place. Businesses who service female and middle-aged-and-above customers run a higher risk of negative backlash online from their reoccurring "timeliness" issues. 

To address timing and scheduling problems, stay connected with your crews in the field with easy communication software that will vastly benefit your customers' experiences, making your business go "viral" with positive feedback and glowing reviews. 



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