8 Tips to Make Customers Feel Safe When Workers Visit Their Homes

February 15, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Do your employees visit customers’ homes to do jobs such as plumbing, landscaping or remodeling? Many customers feel uneasy about letting strangers into their homes. How can you ease your customers’ fears and make them feel safe with your workers?

  1. Conduct background checks when hiring new employees. It helps prevent problems and protects your business. Promote this policy on your business website — it’s a great selling point. Your website should also specify that your business is licensed and that your employees are bonded.
  2. Provide your employees with company identification they can show to customers. It’s good safety practice for customers to request ID before letting a worker into their homes. Let customers know in advance that your employees will have their ID—it makes them feel secure.
  3. Have your employees wear uniforms with your business logo. Not only does this identify them as legitimate employees of your business, it also serves as a marketing tool for neighbors who happen to see them.
  4. Give customers plenty of advance notice so your employee’s arrival doesn’t come as a surprise. In addition to confirming the appointment date and time when you first schedule it, set up automatic text, phone and/or email reminders 48 or 24 hours ahead. Lighthouse 360 makes this easy to do, since you always have customer data at hand. You can even manage employee schedules wherever you are and update your team and customers if anything changes.
  5. Have employees use company vehicles marked with your logo. If for some reason workers must use their own vehicles, provide magnetic signage they can adhere to the side of the vehicle. Few homeowners will feel confident letting a strange man arriving in an unmarked car into their home.
  6. Clarify procedures with your employees. You can create policies that make customers feel more comfortable. For instance, if employees will be working in the back yard, tell them to enter via the side yard rather than asking to go through the house. If they’ll be working on a long-term project, such as house painting or construction, provide a portable toilet for employees’ use so they don’t have to use the customer’s facilities.
  7. Be extra cautious if customers won’t be home. For some businesses, such as a home remodeling, flooring installation or painting company, it’s common for customers to leave the house to avoid paint fumes, construction noise and the like. If this is the case, clarify with the customer who on your team will have their keys and who will have access to the home. You may want to set up a lockbox to give both you and the customer peace of mind.
  8. Maintain your online reviews. Customers look at online reviews to see how trustworthy your business and employees are. Lighthouse 360 makes it simple to get online reviews so you can build a positive impression of your business. After every job, you can automatically ask customers for reviews; positive reviews are displayed on your website, your social media accounts and the RateABiz review site.
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