7 Ways Mobile Devices Can Help You Run a Better Business

March 15, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Smartphones and tablets make it easier than ever to manage your field services business. From alerting your employees to invoicing customers, mobile devices simplify just about every aspect of operations. Here are seven ways mobile devices can help you run a better business.

  1. Access customer information wherever you are. Use cloud-based tools like Lighthouse 360 to store data, so your team can use mobile devices at job sites to quickly access important information about each customer, such as prior work done, current job status, notes about the job and if the customer has been invoiced.
  2. Create estimates on the go. No more gathering information, going back to the office and providing an estimate days later. With Lighthouse 360, you can use a tablet or smartphone to create professional estimates in minutes right at the job site. If the customer agrees to the work, you can convert the estimate into a job, speeding up the process.
  3. Invoice on the spot. Currently, do your employees provide services and you invoice for the work later, by mail or email? With mobile devices on the job site and a cloud-based system like Lighthouse 360, your team can invoice customers as soon as the work is completed. They can convert a job to an invoice in the system, make any changes needed and even combine multiple jobs into one invoice if you want to bill customers on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  4. Get paid right away. In addition to invoicing, mobile devices enable you to get paid right away. No more concerns about bounced checks: Use Lighthouse 360’s mobile payment feature to collect payments on the spot. The system automatically updates all your records when payment is made. Just mark the invoice as paid, and Lighthouse 360 syncs with QuickBooks so your books are always up to date.
  5. Deposit checks without waiting in line. Instead of driving to the bank to deposit checks, just download your business bank’s mobile app to your smartphone or tablet so you can scan checks with the device and deposit money instantly.
  6. Handle employee scheduling. Printing out your team’s daily schedule and playing phone tag to alert them of changes gets old fast. When you team your mobile devices with a solution like Lighthouse 360, you can create, update and share your employees’ schedules from anywhere. Lighthouse 360 also gives you real-time updates on their progress during the day so, if a team is falling behind, you can rearrange the schedule to keep customers happy.
  7. Communicate with employees wherever they are. It can be difficult to communicate with employees when they’re spread around town at different job sites. However, if you use Lighthouse 360, you can alert employees via text. The app pre-populates the text with information from the job screen, and you can just customize it and hit send.

Mobile devices are part of our daily lives, so why not tap into their potential to improve your field services business? Your team—and your business bank account—will benefit.

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