7 Ways Community Involvement Can Grow Your Business

February 22, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Getting involved in local charities, events and causes is more than a nice thing to do—it’s good business. For businesses that rely on a local clientele for their services, such as landscapers, home remodeling firms or pest control services, community involvement can be a powerful marketing tool. Don’t believe me? Here are seven ways community involvement can grow your business.

  1. Your business will be top-of-mind. When your business gets involved with community organizations and events, local residents and business owners get to know your brand and name. That puts you top-of-mind when people need the service you provide.
  2. You’ll meet new potential customers. The individuals you come across while involved in community activities are all potential customers for your business. To make the most of these opportunities, be sure you’re always mindful of your role as an ambassador for your business and a leader in your community. Be prepared to share information about your business, but don’t be pushy about it. When you do meet interested prospects, use a tool like Lighthouse Field Services to capture their information and reach out later with email messages to reconnect.
  3. You’ll connect with new sources of referrals. People you meet and work with as part of your community involvement will get to know, like and trust you, even if they don’t use your services. This makes them more likely to refer friends and family members to your business.
  4. You’ll get introduced to potential business partners, vendors and suppliers. Smart businesspeople get involved in community causes and other activities. That means you’ll undoubtedly meet other business owners or professionals who could partner with your business. Often, the most valuable business relationships arise from unofficial networking, like the kind that happens when two people are involved in the same community organization.
  5. You’ll gain new skills and experience. Whether it’s how to raise money for a cause or how to shape a ragtag group of kids into a coherent Little League team, you’ll learn new things from your involvement in community organizations. You never know where those new skills will take you—and your business.
  6. You’ll spot new markets. Getting involved with your community can give you exposure in markets you never knew existed. You might discover a need for your product in a nearby city or town, or learn that a certain demographic is a perfect target market for your service. The more you get out in the community, the more opportunities you’ll come across.
  7. You’ll have new content to share on your website and social media. Share what you’re doing in your community on your business website and your company’s social media accounts. Are you sponsoring a local fun run or a sports clinic for underprivileged children? Invite your social media followers to attend—it’s a great way to help the cause while also building awareness of your business. Sharing photos or videos from an event attracts more attention to the community organization as well. Lighthouse Field Services makes it easy to upload and share photos on your website and social media platforms. 


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