7 Tips to Market Your Cleaning Service for the Holidays

November 1, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Thanksgiving is on the way, and Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's Eve are all close behind. Your customers are buzzing with plans to host parties, family dinners and other get-togethers. Now is the perfect time for your cleaning service to take the hassles of housecleaning off their hands. How can you maximize sales and attract new customers this time of year? Try these 7 tips.

  1. Start early. Thanksgiving hosts and hostesses are already thinking about their menus, and they’re also worrying about how to get the house presentable for the big day. Capture customers in advance by promoting your holiday services now.
  2. Make sure your website is up-to-date. When you use Lighthouse Field Services, it's easy to update your website with new information such as seasonal offers and specials. Lighthouse Field Services even automates the process of posting photos on your website and on your social media pages, so you can show off your cleaning team’s work.
  3. Add special services. Promote deep cleaning services, carpet cleaning services and other specialized services that customers don't usually purchase at other times of year. For example, you could offer a guest cleaning special that focuses on the rooms visitors will see, such as the living area, dining room, kitchen and guest bathroom. Or offer oven-cleaning services, window-washing services or other spot-cleaning options to help hosts get their homes spick-and-span.
  4. Review your reviews. When potential new customers consider inviting your cleaning service into their home, they carefully check out online reviews of your business. Make sure that you have a good amount of reviews, that they are current, and that you've resolved any issues with negative reviews. With Lighthouse Field Services, you can automatically ask customers for reviews after a job is done. The positive reviews are automatically displayed on your website, review site RateABiz and your social media pages, so you always have current reviews.
  5. Encourage referrals. Send emails to existing housecleaning clients who have agreed to receive emails from you, and let them know about your upcoming holiday services. Give them a discount if they refer a friend or family member who ends up using your services. Lighthouse Field Services offers holiday email templates you can use to create your own, professionally written email messages for the holidays.
  6. Provide post-holiday cleanup. When the extended family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner or revelers celebrate New Year's Eve, drinks will spill, crumbs will fly and that freshly cleaned house gets dirty all over again. Try offering a package deal where you give pre-holiday deep cleanings and a post-holiday basic housecleaning for less than both would cost purchased separately. The post-holiday cleaning gives you the chance to show new customers what it would be like to have you clean their homes all year long.
  7. Turn one-time clients into loyal customers. When a first-time customer’s housecleaning service is complete, the way you follow-up can determine whether they become longtime clients or never call you again. Lighthouse Field Services automatically sends thank-you notes to your customers after their housecleaning job is complete, taking one more task off your hands in this busiest of seasons.


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