7 Tips for Promoting a Green Cleaning Service

March 22, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Green services are in high demand: Almost 90 percent of consumers in one survey say they try to be environmentally conscious whenever possible. However, that interest in the environment doesn't automatically translate into new customers for your green cleaning service. To attract more clients, try these 7 marketing tips.

  1. Target women. Since women are generally the decision-makers in the home, focusing your marketing efforts on women is a smart move. In particular, new moms or moms of young children are often especially interested in green cleaning, since many mothers are concerned about the potentially toxic effects of harsh chemicals on children.
  2. Educate prospects. Many prospects need some education about the benefits of green cleaning before they'll decide to hire your service. Create marketing materials that explain how environmentally friendly cleaning can protect children and pets from harmful toxins, ease allergy sufferers' symptoms and more. You'll also need to bust some popular myths: for instance, many consumers assume that green cleaning costs more or that environmentally friendly products don't get their homes as clean as traditional chemicals. Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to share this information by creating a professional website that's mobile-friendly and easy to update.
  3. Walk the walk. Many consumers are suspicious of companies that claim to be green, but really aren’t. Make sure that all products and tools you use, from vacuums to cleansers, are really “green.” Visit the EPA website or GreenSeal to investigate which products meet those criteria. Enhance your green image by using microfiber cloths instead of disposable paper towels for cleaning jobs, donating to or participating in environmental-related causes or organizations, or using hybrid vehicles for your cleaning crews.
  4. Boost your online reputation. Encourage satisfied customers to post reviews for your green cleaning service online. Lighthouse 360 makes this easy by automatically asking customers for reviews after a job is completed. Then it automatically displays positive reviews on your website, social media accounts and review site RateABiz.
  5. Reach out with email. Most customers who use green cleaning services are interested in other environmental-related topics as well. Create a monthly email newsletter for customers and share tips on topics like how to reduce waste in the home, the best green cleaning products, or environmentally friendly ways to keep a home free of pests. Lighthouse 360 has email templates that make contacting customers simple to do.
  6. Get customer referrals. Tap into customer word-of-mouth to attract new customers to green cleaning business. Ask satisfied customers to refer friends to your business. Give them discount offer coupons to hand out to friends or online codes to share on social media; then give the referring customer a discount if the friend ends up using your green cleaning services.
  7. Think social. Share special offers and green-related content, such as the tips from your email newsletters or links to interesting environmentally related information, on your social media pages. You can simplify this process with Lighthouse 360, which updates your social media pages for you by sharing photos, special offers and customers’ online reviews.



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