7 Things Every Field Service Business Website Must Have

April 19, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Is your field service business website doing all it could be to help you attract new business? If not, perhaps something is missing. Here are seven things every field service business website should have. Does yours?

  1. Basic business information: Customers get annoyed when a businesses website doesn't have essential information like the company's address, prices, hours of operation or phone number, according to a recent survey. This information is key when customers are deciding whether to do business with you. You should also include anything else that could be a deciding factor, such as the cities in your service area. Make sure all this information is easy to find on the homepage of your website. Even if customers will never actually visit your office, listing a physical address reassures them that you’re a legitimate business.
  2. Call to action: Each page of your field services website should have its own call to action — something you want visitors to do. Typical calls to action for a field services business might include "Schedule service," "See current specials" or "Call for a free estimate." Your calls to action should stand out clearly, with ample white space around them so they are easy to see and click on.
  3. Mobile-friendly design: More and more these days, prospects look for businesses on their mobile devices. After all, a potential customer in the middle of a plumbing crisis will probably grab his smartphone to look for "emergency plumbers," instead of hauling out his laptop. A website that’s mobile-optimized is a must for every field services business. With Lighthouse 360, you get a professional website that uses responsive design to automatically adjust to any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone screen size.
  4. Self-service scheduling option: Some people just don't like talking on the phone. Others would rather schedule service with your business themselves than wait on hold with your receptionist. Adding the option to schedule service online can help you capture customers who might otherwise not bother to pick up the phone.
  5. Multiple ways to contact you: While the phone is the most popular way for most people to contact local businesses, you should offer a variety of choices so customers can select their preference. Make sure your business phone number is easy to find (a click-to-call feature is a smart choice for mobile users). Also include an email address and an online contact form prospects can fill out to reach you. Finally, live chat is a great tool to quickly answer customers’ and prospects’ questions, and lets you juggle multiple conversations at once without putting people on hold.
  6. Customer testimonials/reviews:  Convince new customers to try your field services business by sharing reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Post testimonials on your business website, and link to online reviews of your business on review sites. When you use Lighthouse 360, generating a steady stream of reviews is simple to do. Lighthouse 360 automatically asks customers for reviews when a job is completed and automatically displays positive reviews on your website, your social media accounts and the review site RateABiz.
  7. Photos of your work: If you own a business such as landscaping, house painting or remodeling where prospects need to see your work to make a decision, you know how important images are. High-quality photos are essential to conveying the right image on your website. Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to update your website and social media accounts with the latest photos of finished jobs by automatically posting your photos to your website and social pages.


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