6 Ways Mobile Devices Can Power Up Your Business

January 24, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky


You use your smartphone for texting, email and browsing the Web. But are you taking advantage of everything smartphones and tablets could be doing for your business? Here are six ways you can use mobile devices to boost your efficiency and your sales.

  1. Use tablets to display presentations, photos and videos. Does your business rely on visuals to help make the sale? For a landscaper, interior designer, caterer or other business owner whose prospects need to see pictures of past work to be convinced, tablets are a great way to display photos and videos. Store them in the cloud so you can access them anywhere to create a portable, interactive portfolio. Even if your business isn’t visually oriented, you can use tablets to share sales presentations or other information on the go without having to tote a bulky laptop along.  
  2. Use tablets to capture information. Do your customers fill out paper forms when they visit your business, or your employees collect information in the field when working with clients? Tablets can streamline the process. Input the information on a tablet, and no one has to re-type it, so you save time and reduce the risk of error. You also save time and money spent printing, filing and storing paper documents.
  3. Use tablets to take restaurant orders. Do you own a bar or restaurant? Tablets make taking orders faster and more accurate. Look for restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software that enables mobile order taking and provide your team with tablets. Consumers like the speed and added accuracy: The kitchen can pull up orders with no confusion over poor handwriting. Wait staff can provide faster service and spend more time interacting with customers (which means more sales for you).
  4. Use digital signature tools. Salespeople and others who travel to prospects can cinch the deal with digital signature apps. Instead of sending a contract and waiting for the customer to sign and email or mail it back, get the signature right after the handshake. Digital signatures mean there’s less chance for the customer to change his mind. Plus, you can get to work on his project right away.
  5. Accept mobile payments. Whether you sell products at outdoor events or in a retail store, whether you provide services at customers’ businesses or in their homes, you can benefit by accepting payments on a mobile device using a card reader and mobile payment app. Retailers can speed up transactions and decrease wait times by taking payments anywhere in the store. Plumbers or electricians can get paid immediately instead of sending an invoice. Accepting card payments on a mobile device attracts customers who don’t have cash on hand—plus, when customers can use cards, they tend to spend more money.
  6. Use time tracking apps to bill more accurately. If you bill customers by the hour, you know how hard it can be to keep track of the time spent on each job or client. The difficulty doubles when you work from home, a client’s office, the local Starbucks or anywhere away from your desk. Use mobile time tracking apps on your smartphone, and you’ll be able to keep tabs on your time wherever you are. That way, you can always bill accurately and get paid what you’ve earned.





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