6 Tactics Your Techs Can Use to Make More Money for Your Business

December 5, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

Are your field service technicians leaving money on the table when they visit customers? Technicians who do what they are assigned to do — but nothing more — are missing an opportunity not only to up-sell customers on additional services, but also to build trust and create lasting customer relationships. Here are six steps to helping your technicians boost sales.

  1. Educate your technicians about their role in the sales process. Your technicians may think of themselves as experts in their field, but not necessarily in sales. Explain to your techs how, as the primary point of contact customers have with your company, they are actually salespeople, too.
  2. Train technicians to provide customers with multiple options. In almost every field service situation, there are a variety of choices the customer can make. (For example, if a customer has a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink, your plumbing technician can replace that segment of pipe, but they can also suggest re-piping the entire kitchen.) Have your techs generate three levels of options. For instance, in the situation above, the "economy" level repair would be replacing the segment of pipe. The mid-level repair could be re-piping the kitchen, while the "gold level" repair could be re-piping the entire house.
  3. Have technicians educate the customer. Your technician should provide a thorough explanation of each option, including the pros and cons. For instance, the plumbing technician could explain that replacing the segment of pipe costs X dollars and is an affordable alternative for now. However, suppose the entire kitchen is 35 years old. The technician can point out that other pipes are likely to begin leaking soon, which could cause structural damage to the home, and that re-piping the entire kitchen will help prevent this problem.
  4. Be prepared to provide pricing. For basic services, you'll probably have prices already set. When you're suggesting more complex services, it helps to have a tool like the Lighthouse Field Services app on hand. Lighthouse makes it easy to create estimates on the spot. If the customer agrees to that service, your technician can convert the estimate into a job with a few clicks, so there's no delay in getting started.
  5. Be sure to let customers know about the maintenance and prevention options your company offers. This can be a great way to turn one-time customers into long-term clients. For instance, suppose your HVAC company is called out to repair an air conditioner for a new customer during a heat wave. After completing the service, the tech could tell the customer your annual servicing contract, which is an affordable way to prevent similar emergencies in the future.
  6. Keep in contact with the customer going forward. Many customers will choose the lowest-level option.  That's fine: Just be sure that your tech leaves them with a business card so they can contact you for future jobs. (Better yet, leave them with an estimate for the additional services that you create using the Lighthouse Field Service app.) Lighthouse Field Services also enables your technicians to take detailed notes on each customer interaction that will make the next job easier. You can even use it to automatically send each customer a thank-you note after the service is completed — that's a great time to remind them of the additional services you provide.

Developing relationships with customers and gaining their trust is key to success for a field services business. By providing customers with multiple options to choose from and taking the time to explain each one, your field service technicians will build an image of your business as the trusted local expert.


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