10 Tips to Market Your Landscaping Business at Home and Garden Shows

July 26, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

For landscaping entrepreneurs, home and garden shows present a unique opportunity to meet hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. What do you need to do to maximize your investment in exhibiting at a home show? For best results, follow these tips.

  1. Start marketing well in advance. Promote the home and garden show on your business website to let customers know you’ll be there. If you use Lighthouse Field Services, it’s easy to update your website so you always feature the most current information about the show. Mention your booth number and any exciting happenings you have planned, such as product demonstrations, prize giveaways or contests.
  2. Promote the show on social media. Social media is a great way to spread the news about the upcoming event. Use the show’s hashtag in your posts; you can also create your own show-specific hashtag for the event. Lighthouse Field Services updates your social media page so you can spend more time planning for the home show exhibit and less time posting.
  3. Get their attention. When planning your booth display, use images to catch the eye of passersby. Set up some large-screen video displays to play slideshows of some of your best before and after projects in a continuous loop. Use blown-up photos of your work as backdrop displays.
  4. Add the 3-D element. Photos and videos are a good start, but you can make your booth even more appealing by displaying products that encourage passersby to touch and feel. Display samples of some of your most popular patio tiles, set up a water feature or see if you can build a sample pergola to put over your booth. (Be sure to clear it with the tradeshow first.)
  5. Have memorable, useful giveaways. Crowds will flock to your tradeshow booth if you give away tote bags, but how serious are these crowds about landscaping? Choose promotional products that are relevant to your business. For example, could give way a seasonal calendar with gardening tips for each month, gardening gloves or small plastic watering cans. Make sure everything has your business name, website URL and phone number on it.
  6. Share information. Create flyers, booklets or brochures with useful advice for prospects, such as 10 Secrets to Saving on Landscaping or How to Make Your Yard Water-Wise. Put your business name, URL and phone number on the materials, and include a coupon good for a free consultation.
  7. Make your booth welcoming. The standard tradeshow set up with a table at the front and employees behind it is off-putting. Leave open space at the front so visitors can easily walk into the booth to check out your photos and videos. Make your booth enticing with artificial grass, sod or xeriscape displays. Instead of a plain old folding chair, put out a garden bench for people to sit on while they talk to you.
  8. Have a system (and a backup system) for capturing leads. Technology can fail you at a tradeshow, so if you're planning to collect leads on your smartphone, be sure you have pen and paper at hand just in case. Instead of using sign-up sheets (many consumers are wary of putting their contact information where everyone can see it), put out lead slips people can fill out and put into a fishbowl or a box.
  9. Get social during the show. Build excitement about your home show booth by taking plenty of photos and videos during the event. Capture them on social media, using the event hashtag and your business hashtag, and including your booth number two encourage visitors to drop by.
  10. Follow up after the show. Before too much time passes, reach out to the leads you captured at the show. Lighthouse Field Services has a large library of professionally written email templates you can use to connect with these prospects. Just customize the email with your own information and hit send.



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