10 Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Roofers

April 27, 2017 Rieva Lesonsky

It's prime time for your roofing business. The snow has melted, the birds are singing and customers are looking at their homes with a critical eye. How can you market your roofing business for the spring and summer season? Here are some seasonal marketing ideas to try.

  1. Offer discounts on inspections. Many homeowners don't want to climb up on a ladder to check for missing shingles or loose flashings. Offer a discount on roof inspections or a deal where the cost of the inspection goes toward any repairs that are needed.
  2. Offer an early-bird discount. Most roofers get busier and busier as the days get warmer. Heat up your business now by offering discounts for work done before the summer rush starts.
  3. Market to real estate agents. Spring is prime time for home sales. Capture homebuyers and sellers as customers by forging alliances with local real estate agents. Use social media and local business groups to network with real estate agents. Agents who work primarily with homebuyers can refer clients who need a roof inspection to your business. Agents who work with sellers can encourage their clients to get roof inspections before listing the home.
  4. Market to remodeling contractors. Many contractors start remodeling projects at this time of year. Find local contractors who use subcontractors and see if you can develop a relationship with them to get in on some of that spring and summer business.
  5. Do some legwork. Have an employee drive around your service area looking for homes with obviously damaged or aging roofs in need of repair or replacement. Leave flyers or door hangers at these homes.
  6. Email your past customers. Twice-yearly roof inspection is a smart idea to keep roofs in good repair. Send your customers an email reminder that it's time for their spring roof inspection, along with a special offer. With Lighthouse 360, you always have customer information at your fingertips, so you know exactly whom to target with what type of marketing message. Lighthouse 360 also makes it simple to send marketing emails, with a library of prewritten messages and templates.
  7. Offer useful advice. Create and share helpful information with customers and prospects. For example, you could create a “10-Step Checklist To Spring Cleaning Your Roof” and post it on your website, write a blog post on how to tell when your roof needs replacement, or create a video demonstrating different types of shingles. Share this information as many places as you can—always being sure to include a link back to your website, your business phone number and information about your roofing business. For instance, you could share your blog post with a local realtor's website or offer your checklist to a local newspaper for publication.
  8. Post before-and-after photos of your work. Attractive "after" photos can persuade customers who are on the fence to redo their roofs for cosmetic reasons. You can use Lighthouse 360 to automate the process of posting photos on your business website and on social media.
  9. Get active on social media. Use social media to answer prospects’ questions about roofing, share tips, post special offers and share photos and videos. Lighthouse 360 takes the headaches of updating your social media presence off your hands. The app updates your account for you with new offers, photos and reviews in the system.
  10. Take advantage of local weather. Is spring rain in the forecast for your area? Offer a rainy day special to prepare homes for spring showers. If sunny skies are on the horizon, remind customers and prospects that now is the perfect time to get their roof shipshape.

No matter which of these marketing ideas you use, make sure that all of your marketing drives customers back to your roofing business’s website. To ensure that website makes the right impression, try Lighthouse 360. It creates a professional website that automatically adjusts to any desktop, tablet or smartphone, and is simple to update and personalize as your business changes.



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